What is pyramid healing?


Pyramid Healing is a process that uses the geometrical shape of a pyramid to help us positively charge our energies and overcome life's complex problems.


The secrets of the pyramids were known to many ancient civilisations. Our ancestors had the wisdom to recognize the power of sacred geometry and create magnificent structures that were believed to send out positive vibrations to its surroundings.


How does it work?

Pyramids form at an angle of 52 degrees 51 minutes and because of this alignment, it receives three times more positive etheric energy. Many studies have shown that food or water is preserved for longer when kept underneath a pyramid. This is due to the negative ions generated by the pyramid, which purifies the air quality inside and around it. Therefore, when you sit inside a pyramid, it has a strong ionisation effect on the body’s electromagnetic field.

At Lotus Yog, we have utilised the technology of pyramids to create a space of healing and tranquility. Along with the combination of pyramids and high vibrational crystals, we have added soothing music and deep blue walls to help deepen your state of awareness and accelerate your healing process.

In today’s fast paced world, pyramid therapy can be the perfect oasis to de-stress and relax. So come as you are and experience wellness in its truest form!


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