Online Hatha Yoga Sessions

20% Off Hatha Yoga Packages for Online Sessions via Zoom

Our yoga style has been specially designed in a way that all, regardless of age, can whole-heartedly participate. This form of yoga helps with stretching and strengthening of the muscles throughout the entire body.  It increases blood circulation, relaxes the nervous system and improves concentration which in turn brings a sense of physical and mental well-being.  


We also conduct a guided relaxation after the physical practice. This system of self-care brings vitality, improved health, deep relaxation of the body and peace of mind.

Special Rates!


1 Class - $16 (U.P. $20)

4 Class Package - $48 (U.P. $60)

10 Class Package - $96 (U.P. $120)

All you will need is a yoga mat, a chair of reasonable height and 90 minutes. The classes are based on appointment, so contact us A.S.A.P. to book your next class!

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