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Heart Rhythms

(Raj Yog)

As individuals, we have always identified ourselves to be either spiritual or materialistic beings. A spiritual person would shun all materialistic desires and the materialistic person would deny his spiritual curiosities. We remain forever divided, constantly fighting inner battles to hold on to a specific image of ourselves. But why not be both? Choose the middle ground between spirituality and materialism.


Unlock your heart rhythm.


“The Zorba lives an unconscious life; the Buddha lives a life without love. The meeting of both will create the whole man and the whole man is the only holy man.” - Osho 


Zorba was a man who was full of zest, with nothing but love for life. Buddha was an enlightened monk with great a consciousness and a great witnessing. Zorba represents materialism, the earthy and the worldly. Buddha represents spirituality, the divine and other-worldly. Zorba Buddha is a new and whole personality embodying both love and consciousness. He is sensuous and spiritual and he has the best of both worlds. Anyone can become Zorba Buddha.


In the past, a person was expected to renounce his worldly commitments and travel to an isolated region to begin his spiritual journey. 


Lotus Yog presents the Heart Rhythms program.

This is a program designed to help ordinary people achieve their middle ground through basic practices. The program is accessible to anyone with an open heart and mind who wishes to learn, practice and become Zorba Buddhas of their own right. The practices are based on the ancient system of Raj Yog, also known as “The Royal Path" but has been simplified and perfected over the last 15 years to suit the needs of the modern person.

Raj Yog

In Sanskrit, raja or raj means “king”, while the word yoga or yog means “union”. Raj yog is a system of practice that has been followed by great saints since Ancient India. It is also known as the Royal Path as it combines all eight limbs of yoga into a structured, singular practice. The practice encompasses both body and mind, but the emphasis is on mental and spiritual development. This includes various breathwork techniques, relaxation methods, meditation and transmission. It can be practiced by people from all walks of life as it requires no belief or particular faith.

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Private workshops are also available.

The Pathway

Heart Rhythms is a series of workshops featuring Raj Yog practices. Practitioners will advance and grow in their practice with every Level they cover. 


Each Level, containing 2 modules, introduces new and different techniques to help us connect with our heart and breath.

Call us now for a free trial or to sign up for a Heart Rhythms workshop!

Private workshops are also available.

Level 2A

7 Sessions (90 mins) - $110

Step into the subtlety of mudras ( yogic hand gestures ) and learn how to incorporate them into breath work. Re-visit practices from 1A & 1B.

Level 2B

8 Sessions (90mins) - $120

2A + 2B

15 sessions


Experiment further with mudras while building your energy with an ancient Hawaiian breathing technique. Re-visit practices from previous modules. 

Level 1A

5 Sessions (90 mins) - $80

Discover and become aware of your breath and body through simple movements and conscious breathing.

Level 1B

5 Sessions (90mins) - $80

Learn how to use traditional asana (yogic postures) and pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) to achieve a mind-body balance.

1A + 1B

10 sessions